Saturday, April 30, 2022

Be Truly Secular


My compliments to Republic TV for this campaign. 

Bharat that is India had been secular because of Sanatan Dharma and its Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam Sanskriti. Pseudo secularism started in  a way when Gandhi started practicing Muslim minoritism. After partition of India both Gandhi and Nehru did not allow all the Muslims to go to Pakistan because of vested interest. Nehru in order to strengthen his weak  position in the Congress, started Muslim appeasement while claiming himself as champion of the secularism. That was a period when pseudo  secularism got  Momentum in India and there after all governments except Vajpayee and Modi governments continued the Muslim appeasement policy. 

Almost all the Regional political parties are following appeasement policy for vote bank politics. Gradually the secularism in India has been changed to criticizing Hindu and appeasing Muslims. now Hindu temples are controlled by the government and the religious places of other communities are free from any interference.  In fact, money of temples is being spent on other religious institutions. 

See few recent examples of secularism -

1. Maharashtra government issued instruction that Azan on loudspeakers will go as it is and 15 minutes before and after Azan no loudspeaker can be played within the 100 meters of Mosque  area. At the same time the same government has  arrested  MP Navneet Rana and his husband an independent MLA for merely declaration to recite Hanuman Chalisa in front of Matoshree.

2. Rajasthan government blocked the roads and  closed the Markets  in Jaipur and made all necessary arrangements including fitting of  loudspeakers on   poles with full volumes  in the city for performing   Namaz on the roads. 

Same Rajasthan government did not provide any security to the processions on  Ram Navami and Hanuman Janmotsav, resulting into stone pelting on the procession by minority community.   

 3. Yogi Govt. in UP  ensured that Namaz is not performed on roads to avoid inconvenience to the public in general . He also ensured  removal of  loudspeakers from temples, mosques and Gurudwaras and lowering down the volume of the remaining to ensure Supreme Court's  instructions. 

There was not even a single clash on Ram Navami, Hanuman Janmotsav and Alvida Namaj.  

Now imagine  who is more secular ? Yogi is branded communal but Uddhav and  Gehlot are secular. 

This is the country where - 

  • One can find place for Namaz in every Airport. 
  • All the states have Haz Houses.
  • Rioters, stone palters  are called secular,  but bulldozers are communal.

Please do not tolerate appeasement and pseudo secularism.   

Let everybody “Be truly secular” in India.


- Shiv Mishra 

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